Dog Pregnancy Calculator

If you think your pup is pregnant or want to know your pregnant dog is due? Use our dog pregnancy calculator to find out when is your dog going to give birth.

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

How to calculate dog gestation period or dog pregnancy?

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

A typical dog pregnancy lasts about 63 days or 9 weeks, and the dog pregnancy calculator seen on this page used that fact to work out when your pregnant dog’s due date.

Please remember that every dog pregnancy period is different and this gestation period may vary by plus or minus by 5 days.

If you know the mating date, to confirm that your dog is pregnant after breeding, your local vet may perform a palpation test 28 days.

Don’t know the mating date? Your veterinarian can estimate the gestational age and the dog’s due date by performing a simple, painless ultrasound check.

  • Another way to check on your dog’s pregnancy is to perform an X-ray once the gestational process is further along. At the beginning of the pregnancy, the puppies are not visible due to a low level of ossification.
  • Your veterinarian may also investigate your dog’s level of relaxing, a hormone produced exclusively during pregnancy.