Dog Pregnancy Calendar

Is your pup pregnant or want to know when your pregnant dog will give birth?

Dog Pregnancy Calendar Week by Week

The dog pregnancy calendar also known as dog gestation period lasts between 57 to 65 days or about 9 weeks with 3 trimesters of 21 days each.

Let’s take a closer look at your dog pregnancy week by week with a comparison guide including some of the most important milestones during the pregnancy period as well as any physical changes going on throughout your dog’s pregnancy.

From this page, you can also learn about how to care for your pregnant dog with tips to have them as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Dog Pregnancy Calendar Week by Week

Dog Pregnancy Calendar (Week 1 - Week 9)

Dog Pregnancy Week 1

Mating & Fertilisation

After mating with a male dog, multiple eggs become fertilized high up within the uterus. The eggs gradually migrate down to the uterine horns.

In this phase, your dog will experience a series of hormonal changes, however since this is the earliest phase of your dog’s pregnancy, you won’t notice any physical changes. Also, you dog should not show any unusual behaviour unless something is going wrong.

During this phase, you should interact, play and feed your dog as you normally do.

Dog Pregnancy Week 2


In this phase of your dog’s pregnancy, grooming can go on as usual. Her embryos should be well protected in the uterus and tender grooming should not trigger any problems.

This week’s goal should be to maintain your dog’s weight. Weight gain in early stages of dog pregnancy is not advised for good health. Your dog should not gain more than 10% of their usual body weight until week 6. Your dog’s energy levels should be the same as the embryos don’t grow greatly yet.

Generally, changes in their diet and supplements are not needed yet, unless specified by your vet.

Dog Pregnancy Week 3


During this stage, the puppies are protected in membrane that provides them with nutrients.

There still won’t be much noticeable changes in physical appearance and you won’t need to change your dog’s daily routine. Although, your dog may start to develop a larger appetite so you may want to feed her a little more.

Dog Pregnancy Week 4

Confirm Pregnancy

At this stage, week 4 or day 25, it is recommended that you should visit your local vet.

Get an ultrasound at your local vet clinic to see the size of the litter, their health status and for a reliable birthing date.

You can also see if there are any abnormalities or problems that need to be addressed.

Dog Pregnancy Week 5

Foetal Stage

In this stage, the puppies have ended embryogenesis stage of your dog’s pregnancy and the organs are beginning to form. The embryo is now referred to as the foetus.

During this foetal stage, your dog will start to put on a lot of weight.

To address the weight gain, its recommended you feed her more, and consult with your vet on the exact amount to give.

Dog Pregnancy Week 6

Turning Point

During this stage, the puppies will develop more distinct organs and tissues, even claws.

To ensure there is enough nutrients in your dog and her puppies, you’ll need to alter their diet with higher energy, protein and minerals. However, you may see a drop in appetite but this is due to discomfort from the pregnancy.

Getting your dog to eat the right foods is important during the pregnancy period and giving her multiple smaller meals during the day, over 2 larger meals, will help a lot.

Dog Pregnancy Week 7

Hair Growth

At day 45 or week 7 of dog pregnancy period, the foetus’ will start growing hair and their skeleton will start to solidify. Parasites can be a concern and affect the birthing. It is important to visit your local vet to get your dog wormed.

You can also now prepare for whelping by setting up a safe place for her to whelp. It should be a quiet and warm space with no clutter. This is also where the mother and her pups will live for the next few weeks.

Dog Pregnancy Week 8


At this stage, the skeletons of the puppies would have solidified and the mother’s teats will start swelling with milk. To make the birthing process easier for your dog and make sure she is comfortable, it is recommended that you trim the hair around her nipples and vulva.

It is also advised that you go to your local vet to get an x-ray to know how many puppies are expected.

Dog Pregnancy Week 9

Delivery Time

The puppies may arrive any day of this week. Be sure to triple check the birthing area to ensure it is ready, safe, comfortable and warm.

In days prior to dog labor and during birthing, do your best to keep the mother comfortable and stress-free. As mentioned before, her natural instincts will kick in and she’ll be prepared for the birthing. The dog labor period may vary, it could last a couple of minutes or even several hours.

After the first pup is delivered, the mother will probably rip open the fetal sack herself. If she doesn’t, you can do it yourself. Although, don’t try pulling the pups off during the delivery period because this can hurt the mother and the puppies too.

After delivery, the mother may or may not eat the placenta. If she doesn’t, you can throw it away like other organic waste. To help during the recovery period, softly rub the pups dry with a clean towel and place them near the mother’s nipples.